Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Raising awareness for Mental Health #MHAW16

Last week has been Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 (#MHAW16).  The CATCH team have used the week on Twitter to introduce members of the team who work in mental health and raised awareness for our research in this field.

A campaign, including 7 photographs by our very own Simon Butler, introduced people from CATCH, as well as the ScHARR Mental Health Group, whose research makes life easier for people with mental health problems.

In CATCH many of our researchers and academics conduct research into new technologies, such as eTherapies, to help improve mental wellbeing of people.

One such example is the Technology for Healthy Ageing and Wellbeing (THAW) project.  This project is focused on developing technology to support good mental health in later life.  

The THAW team are holding a workshop next month where the team will update on their research and ask older people, health professionals, charity workers, researchers and service providers to share their knowledge and experiences to help shape new technology to support mental wellbeing in later life.

To sign up to attend the workshop please visit: http://www.catch.org.uk/news-articles/thaw-event-june2016/

Dr Kat Easton, Translational Research Scientist, CATCH

Prof Mark Hawley, Director, CATCH
Matt Bennion, THAW PhD Student, CATCH

Abby Constantine, Administrator, ScHARR Mental Health Group

Dr Chris Blackmore, Deputy Head, ScHARR Mental Health Group

Phil Joddrell, PhD Student, CATCH

Dr Sarah Smith, Research Assistant, CATCH

Written by Simon Butler and Anneliese Fraser

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