Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Baking for Dementia Awareness Week #DAW2016

Last week it was also Dementia Awareness Week 2016 #DAW2016. CATCH supports various projects that link technology with dementia and improve people’s lives.

Phil Joddrell has created the AcTo Dementia project, investigating the accessibility of touchscreen apps for people living with dementia. This project involves identifying key accessibility features, developing an evidence-based app selection framework, working with app developers to improve accessibility of their apps, and sharing app recommendations on a website (

In the In-Life Project, Sarah is working with people living with dementia to prolong independence and increase wellbeing using contemporary ICT’s.

'The IN-LIFE project is in collaboration with Sheffcare, the largest local provider of health and social care. We are currently recruiting 220 people living with dementia across Sheffield and are also fortunate to have strong, ongoing relationships with our local Alzheimer's Society, as well as Memory Services and GP Services who are keen to get involved'.

Many thanks to all the bakers and buyers for their contributions at the BAKE SALE last Friday.

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