Monday, 19 January 2015

MALT tools for telehealth adoption and implementation

Overcoming Barriers, Reducing Uncertainty from MALT Project on Vimeo.

The MALT study team have recently launched their toolkit of resources for telehealth implementation and adoption. All of the tools are available via the MALT website.

Based on findings from the research, the team have produced a series of tools to help overcome the barriers to telehealth adoption and reduce the uncertainty around telehealth implementation, including:

- Case study videos

- Mythbuster factsheets 

- A quick guide to implementing telehealth

- Financial tool for telehealth (hosted at here)

- Patient acceptance measure

- Scenario planning tools, such as the ST-Hex app (available free via itunes)

There is also a handy quick animated guide to all of the tools "Overcoming barriers, reducing uncertainty" which can be accessed here.

All the tools and resources are free to use and download. The final summary report and key messages from the project are also on the website.

If you have any queries about the project or tools, please contact Lizzie Coates (former MALT study manager) at

Written by Lizzie Coates

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