Thursday, 10 July 2014

Paro Seal used to help people in the UK livign with dementia

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Sheffield are currently working together to evaluate an extremely unique piece of kit: the paro seal, that has been around since 2004. 

At first, Paro, looks like a cuddly toy. It is far more than this. Paro originates from Japan where is has also been used with those living with dementia as well as earthquake victims. The robotic baby harp seal has some artificial intelligence. He/she can react to movements, touch and even "learn" it's name over time. 

There are around 3, 000 Paro seals worldwide, 10 of which are in the UK and 2 are based at the Grange (NHS specialist assessment unit for dementia patients) in Sheffield.

Claire Jepson & Andrea Corso,
Sheffield Health and Social Care
NHS Trust with the Paroseal
The Paro seal featured in the Guardian this week (09.07.2014) so please click here to have a read and find out more!

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