Friday, 6 June 2014

European Wound Management Association eHealth symposium in Madrid

The European Wound Management Association ( hosted an eHealth symposium as part of their annual conference in Madrid in May 2014. This year’s theme for the conference was Innovation, Know-How and Technology in Wound Care, and Jo Nicholson was invited as a guest speaker for one of the conference’s key sessions about factors affecting large-scale adoption and implementation of eHealth technologies.

RAT Group's Jo Nicholson presented key messages from the work on user adoption carried out for the MALT study, which is drawing to a close later this year and will be developing a range of tools to help tackle low awareness and understanding of remote care technologies, and share knowledge about the factors that can help promote adoption and implementation. Jo also discussed some of the enduring challenges faced by frontline staff, whose efforts to drive forward service improvements and secure long-term investment for remote care technologies continue to be impeded by wider organizational and technological barriers associated with the healthcare system itself.

The next EWMA conference will be held in London from 13-15th May 2015 ( A final eHealth symposium will be hosted by the EWMA at this event, with further information to follow in the coming months.

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