Monday, 23 June 2014

$150, 000 awarded to help people with brain anneurisms via telemedicine

$150, 000 has been awarded to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital Center for Telehealth by the Missy Project, a charitable fund that was developed by a family who's daughter, Missy, passed away at 12 years of age following a brain aneurism. The $150, 000 is to fund a telemedicine programme to help other patients with brain aneurisms. The idea is that patients in northern New England should have quick access to specialist medical experts via the means of telemedicine. Following a patient's CT scan, they should be able to get the consultation they need much faster and more conveniently than face to face consultations. In addition, the Dartmouth Hitchcock project will also include a 24/7 service for paediatric and adult patients with a suspected subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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