Monday, 14 April 2014

Short course on evaluating programmes, technology and other complex interventions (EPTOCI) is running again this year

Led by Dr Nasrin Nasr and Dr Steven Ariss, the short course: Evaluating programmes, technology and other complex interventions (EPTOCI) was developed in collaboration with the RAT group and CLAHRC SY. First delivered in September 2013, the course includes presentations, interactive sessions, small group discussions and interactive workshops and received very positive feedback from the delegates. 

The EPTOCI course gives participants the opportunity to explore the notion of complex interventions and to develop ideas around evaluating such interventions in various complex situations using different theoretical models (including Realist and Developmental Evaluation). The programme contains sessions on "Developing and evaluating assistive technologies: an experience-centred design approach", "Introduction to theory-led evaluation methods" and "Interdisciplinary research", along with practical workshops on frameworks, theories and applications. The guest speaker will be Emeritus Professor Pamela Enderby.

Delegates from last year came from a wide range of backgrounds, including health economics, information science, public health and health services research.

There are 2 contact days (16th and 20th of May), please visit the short-course webpage to express an interest in attending. 

Written by Dr Steven Ariss

Dr Nasrin Nasr (left), Dr Steven Ariss (3rd from right) and
Professor Gail Mountain (2nd from right) with the course attendees

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