Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Measuring clinically significant change in the individual

Last week members of the RAT group heard more about the clinical measurement of the individual, with a presentation from RAT and CATCH member, Dr Katherine Easton.

Katherine is currently working with Longhand Data Ltd on a funded Industrial Research Sabbatical to further industrial collaborations with the University. Katherine explained the principles of measurement (n of 1) behind TELER (Treatment Evaluation by A.A.Le Roux, Le Roux, 1993). 

The method of measurement has been successfully applied to many areas of healthcare over the past 20 years, including psychotherapy, wound care and paediatrics, allowing clinicians to more accurately monitor and treat patients in a personalised manner. Members of RATs and CATCH are currently exploring how TELER could help evaluate and determine the clinical significance of devices and interventions in instances where populations and sample sizes are limited. 

Please contact Dr. Katherine Easton on or  0114 222 0690 if you would like to know more about TELER including academic evidence or Industrial Sabbatical funding as a means to collaboration with the University of Sheffield.

Written by Dr Katherine Easton

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