Tuesday, 1 April 2014

ADHD Meeting of Minds VI 27th – 28th March 2014 London

Dr Jack Parker was invited to attend the annual Meeting of Minds VI conference hosted by Shire and the ADHD Educational InstituteInternational Scientific Committee

ADHD is a diverse and multifaceted condition with patients presenting with different needs and treatment goals that require an individualised approach to management if outcomes are to be optimised. The theme for the meeting was "ADHD assessment and management: balancing complexity and simplicity.”

The aim was to bring together experts and leading clinicians in the field of ADHD from over 20 countries to explore how we can further individualise and up-skill our management of ADHD in everyday clinical practice.

The eminent international faculty which included Prof Sir MichaelRutter presented some of the latest data, share their thoughts on ‘best practice’ and discussed ways to optimise treatment; from getting the basics right, through to dealing with more complex cases which delve into co-occurring conditions. 

The scientific programme was built on a mix of key note lectures and interactive workshops which were designed to enable attendees to have plenty of time to engage with the faculty and peers across the 2 days. There was a special focus on the development of practical skills relating to the assessment and treatment of ADHD and a poster exhibition and time for networking.

Written by Dr Jack Parker

Prof Sir Michael Rutter (left) and Prof Edmund Sonuga-Barke present the opening key-note lecture.

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