Monday, 7 April 2014

Andrew Chapman and Rory Gibson reviewing assistive technology to support people with dementia.

The RAT Group had the pleasure of hosting a 6 week research attachment for 12 of the Medical School’s second year students, all of which had limited research experience to date. Over the next few days we will share some of the student experiences with our blog viewers. We will start this off with Andrew and Rory's story below:
As second year medical students, we joined the RAT Group for a 6 week research attachment to investigate the assistive technology that has been developed to support people with dementia. Both fresh on the reseatch scene, we initially struggled to find a particular topic to direct our enthusiasm, but as time went by, having waded the murky waters of literature searching, we found our feet and really enjoyed learning more about the subject. 

After a broad investigation of what assistive technologies were out there, we split ways to investigate more specific technologies. Rory chose the use of assisitve technology to promote communication in people with dementia, whereas Andrew reviewed monitoring technology taking on more of a caregiver approach.

We really enjoyed our time with the RAT Group as well as getting a good insight into the world of assistive technology. The highlight of our time though had to be the "home lab", which is staking a claim as the least appreciated venue for a date in Sheffield (see photo below of us getting cosy!) - Rory Gibson and Andrew Chapman

Andrew Chapman (left), Rory Gibson (right)

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