Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New research in the RAT group

As technology is a fast-moving industry, there are always new opportunities for cutting-edge research in the RAT group. Recently, we have had a significant amount of success in gaining funding for several new projects, including:

Speech Through Articulation Repetition (STAR)
The RAT group researchers form the core of this multidisciplinary collaboration across the School of Health and Related Research, Human Communication Sciences and Computer Science departments and are working with a UK company to develop new speech therapy software. It will provide opportunities to continue to improve speech intelligibility of both adults and children in the UK and across the world. The software will be commercialised as a medical device. It will employ state-of-the-art speech analysis tools from the University to achieve a major step forward in cost effective patient self-managed speech and language therapy.

Dementia  inspired accessible digital systems (Diads) Open Directive, a UK open innovation company, have been inspired by the success of previous University of Sheffield work on highly intuitive interfacing (i.e. Managed Access to Audio, Visual and Information Services – Maavis) to attempt its mainstreaming in to Internet and Smart technologies of the future. In this project with Dr Peter Cudd the focus is on removing one of the inequalities and barriers to getting people with living with dementia regular access to digital services that support living independently at home. It will examine how the support of the digital technology delivering such solutions can be eased by intuitive configuration, troubleshooting and content management.

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