Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Occupational therapy event gets Royal seal of approval

Leading researchers from across the UK and North America will gather in London tomorrow to discuss ways of meeting the challenges of an ageing population — in an event hosted by KT-EQUAL.

The Princess Royal, HRH Princess Anne, will introduce the event at the College of Occupational Therapists, where she is Patron.

The aim of the event is to exchange expertise between researchers and practitioners so that research findings can begin to be put into practice. So, alongside experts in ageing research, the summit will also include policymakers and professionals from the fields of health and social care.
Key discussion points will include:
  • how to improve the design of outdoor spaces for older people, for instance by influencing planning and building regulations
  • how to design the built environment to meet the needs of all members of society including older and disabled people
  • how to improve the reach of inclusive design in products and in the home
  • how best to challenge stereotypes about ageing in wider society
Speakers at the event include the RAT group's Professor Gail Mountain, who has a background in occupational therapy. Gail is also Principal Director of KT-EQUAL.

[Written by Toby Wardman on behalf of KT-EQUAL]

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