Wednesday, 27 June 2012

2012 Assisted Living Innovation Platform Showcase

At the end of May, representatives from the RAT group went to the 2012 Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) Showcase in Bristol. The event aimed to represent various ALIP funded projects, of which the RAT group's Overcoming the Barriers at Mainstreaming Assisted Living Technologies (MALT) project is one.

The ALIP Showcase brought together research from the Design Council's Independence Matters programme, explored opportunities for knowledge exchange, outlined the forthcoming dallas (Delivering Assisted Living Lifestyles At Scale) projects and championed the use of technology to facilitate improved health and well-being.

Key note speaker Dr. Scott Drawer from UK Sport presented a fascinating insight into how the athletes for London 2012 are using technology to manage training - and inspired us all to think outside the box in terms of how we can use new technology like tablet computers as a form of assistive technology.

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