Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Spotlight on Telemedicine in ongoing Heart Failure Care

Professor Mark Hawley has contributed to a new policy paper, 'Telemedicine in ongoing Heart Failure Care', from the Heart Failure Policy Network.

There is a need for innovation in ongoing heart failure (HF) care, as traditional models have not been able to fully address the challenges of HF management. Telemedicine seems to be able to support HF care and help address some of the challenges of traditional models. Despite reported benefits, there are many barriers to the wider adoption of telemedicine in HF. The need for new infrastructure and accountability protocols has also been a barrier to the wide adoption of telemedicine. Reimbursement is another significant challenge in the development and implementation of telemedicine services in HF. There are clear actions that can be taken to support the development and implementation of telemedicine services for HF care in Europe.

Please find the full paper here

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