Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The CATCH Home Lab begins its transformation

The first phase of the transformation of the University of Sheffield Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) Home Lab is now complete.

At the end of July a number of the team donned their best re-decoration clothes and worked extremely hard to re-jig the layout of the walls and furniture to make the space a more usable, pleasant environment for research.

Starting early, the main goal was to reveal the wall of natural light that was being blocked by packed shelving units. This would then allow us to make the kitchen and living room areas more inviting and open plan.

To make the space more realistic, the walls were repositioned to create a corridor from the entrance of the room leading to the bedroom, living area and kitchen, also providing easy access to hidden storage.

Phase two - re-decoration - will begin this month when we'll be making the space even more homely and welcoming. The wider team have eagerly engaged with the re-decoration plans and based on the feedback gathered the space will be given a new colour scheme and additional homely touches such as soft furnishings, kitchenware and a bookcase.
It’s easy to see what a big difference these changes have already made and we’ll keep you up to speed on progress as the space gets even better.

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