Friday, 17 June 2016

Pioneering technology designed to help transform independence will be showcased in Sheffield later this year at the UK's leading assistive technology conference.

The Technology for Independence (T4I) Conference will be hosted by the University of Sheffield to showcase Assistive Technology (AT) related research and service innovation across health, education, employment and daily living.
Sheffield to showcase Assistive Technology (AT) related research and service innovation across health, education, employment and daily living.
The Recent Advances in Assistive Technology and Engineering Conference (RAatE) ran successfully for over 10 years and this relaunch, under the banner of T4I, aims to reflect the evolving and innovative ways that technology can transform independence for those with disabilities. The focus will be on best practice, innovation and service delivery.

The event will be hosted on 28 November 2016 at St. Mary’s Conference Centre in Sheffield.

It invites researchers, policy makers, healthcare professionals, educationalists, social care professionals and businesses who are helping to improve lives through use of AT.
The conference offers AT experts the opportunity to present to a unique multi-disciplinary audience and the chance to meet and share knowledge with other people working in the field. The event aims to provide news and updates on the latest technological developments, service innovations, case studies and presentations, results of formal research projects, service based research and development and a wide range of other stimulating topics.
Simon Judge, Service Lead of the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team – a specialist NHS assistive technology service, said:
“We are excited to welcome this conference to Sheffield. T4I 2016 will be a great opportunity to learn more about the most recent developments in assistive technology and to share good practice – and, ultimately, to improve the independence and well-being of the individuals living with disabilities that we work with. This is another demonstration that CATCH is supporting world class research, development and practice in assistive technology.”
Previous conferences have included a vast range of acclaimed international speakers such as Professor Annalu Waller from the University of Dundee, Professor Ian Swain, who has created the first NHS commercial company, Odstock Medical Limited and Kate Allatt who in 2010, suffered a stroke and recovered from Locked In Syndrome. The last exhibition featured a number of assistive technology suppliers and research centres including Possum, TherapyBox, RSL Steeper, Designability, Advanced Digital Institute and Health Design and Technology Institute.
The University of Sheffield also plans to host T4I in 2017 as part of the Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AAATE) Congress – a major European conference attracting over 500 delegates from around Europe and the world.
Registration for the T4I will be available on the T4I2016 website from September 2016:


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