Wednesday, 4 May 2016

RAT runs London Marathon

Having never run at all 9 months ago I started training for the London Marathon…

On Sunday 24th April 2016, I completed it in 5 hours and 40 mins for an amazing cause! 

I beat Upsidaisy but was overtaken by a chap carrying a tumble dryer (?), a Womble, Paddington Bear and a rhino! However, I didn’t care – I’d finished and so far have raised about £2,200 for a great charity. Thank you to all the RATs, CATCH and ScHARR staff who have raised about £200 of this.

Type I diabetes (T1D) is NOT caused by poor diet or health problems. Its cause is still unknown. It is often contracted in childhood. Those with T1D have to inject insulin many times a day and monitor their blood sugar levels with pin pricks to their fingers even more frequently.

The most important message is: T1D does not have to stop you from doing anything you want. My brother got it when he was 14 – he ran 5 marathons in 6 days 3 years ago and has been my inspiration. His wish is to show children (and their parent’s) a diagnosis of TY1 is not the end. It doesn’t have to stop you from achieving ANY of your dreams. This charity spreads the word, fights for a cure and supports those affected by T1D.

If you want to donate to this great cause: my giving page is still open. Please click here to donate.

Written by Jennifer Read

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