Monday, 30 November 2015

'Real World' Evaluation: Ten Key Principles for Evaluating Complex Health and Social Interventions 2 day course: Fridays 8th AND 15th January 2016

This course is primarily focused on evaluations in complex 'real-world' situations, in which the evaluator has limited control over the intervention or context, and traditional experimental methods are inappropriate.

Who will benefit from the course:
Anyone with an interest in evaluation especially those who feel that there is a need to address issues of complexity which have been overlooked in traditional methods of evaluation:
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Health and Social Care Practitioners and Managers
  • Public Health Practitioners (NHS, Local Authority and not-for-profit organisations)
  • Health and Social Care Commissioners
  • Post Graduate Students
  • Evaluators with experience of Traditional Experimental evaluation methodologies who want to develop an understanding of new ways of evaluation
  • Implementers of technological innovations (including private sector)
It is led by Dr Nasrin Nasr and Dr Steve Ariss

Full details at: Real World Evaluation

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