Friday, 27 November 2015

Philips launches smartphone plug-in ultrasound handheld with app in U.S.

Ultrasound is going ultraportable. Royal Philips has launched its Lumify device in the U.S.; the hand-held ultrasound tool plugs into a smartphone and connects to an app for image management. To distribute the device, the conglomerate has opted for a $199 monthly subscription model, giving it an income stream in perpetuity while users gain an easy, complete ultrasound offering that includes two transducer, an app as well as online portal access.

But Apple devotees aren't in the loop; Lumify only works with Android smart devices. Once the Lumify App is downloaded from Google Play, users simply connect a transducer to a smart device via USB and launch the app to start ultrasound scanning. The app connects to the cloud, where data and images are also accessible via the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform. The whole package is backed by a warranty and service agreement.

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