Friday, 6 November 2015

My first experience in a research environment.

Codrin Condurache
My name is Codrin Condurache and I am a second year medical student studying at the University of Sheffield. I have just finished a six week placement where I learned about the research process. My research question was “How could the incorporation of opinions from people living with Alzheimer’s disease improve information leaflets.” I chose this because dementia is a growing problem and Alzheimer’s is its most common form therefore I felt that if patients were better informed then care would be made more efficient as information wouldn’t have to be repeated as often.

During these 6 weeks, I have learned the steps that must be taken even before the research begins. There were things I had to write in a grant proposal task that I would have not considered before such as Dissemination and Impact and Ethical Considerations. In future, if I decide to follow a path down research I will have some basic knowledge of how to write grant proposals and so it will benefit me.
Despite not actually conducting any research, my main learning points were how to review literature in a more critical way than I have done in the past. As well as this I have grasped a more thorough understanding of research methodology. I have also learnt to write a questionnaire and an interview topic guide for a semi-structured interview.

I think that learning how to conduct research early on is an important skill because as a doctor it is part of the job to help with research and without doing so the medical profession will plateau and limited discoveries will be found in the future.

My experience during this research attachment has been a positive one as I have learnt many new skills.

Written by Codrin Condurache

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