Monday, 20 July 2015

Virtual Healthcare Popularity in the US

The New York Times have published an article on the rising popularity of virtual healthcare in the US. 

Telemedicine conferences have been around for a long time, but where they were previously used within hospitals to contact other specialists, now people are increasingly able to contact clinicians from their own smartphones or tablets whenever they want. 

This convenience is making video consultations increasingly popular to those on a busy schedules. 
Their acceptance is increasing among some areas of medicine as well: some hospitals are allowing videoconferencing for general care and ENT follow up appointments. A doctor can now see a patient online and send a prescription to their nearest pharmacy within fifteen minutes. 

Some are warning of the increased risk of misdiagnoses and of increased costs through greater use of services. 

The cost question rings true for insurance companies, who are reluctant to provide coverage for these consultations. 

As investment and interest in telehealth increases, it may change the face of medical care. 

To access the article please click here.

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