Tuesday, 1 July 2014

People with dementia enjoy using touch screen computers

Readers of this newsletter may know that the RAT Group are great believers in people with dementia being supported to use computers.

Sarah Kate Smith from the School of Health & Related Research at the University of Sheffield has carried out a study which has concluded what we thought was true: people living with dementia do not lack the desire to interact with contemporary ICT’s but rather the opportunities.
Her study focussed of offering people with dementia something interesting to do.

She worked with people attending a day centre, where the devices were uploaded with familiar activities including dominos and jigsaws as well as interactive applications enabling members to illustrate their creative flair. And she also worked with people with a recent diagnosis in their own homes, where the devices were personalised to the individual’s needs and requirements.

Ideas for activities using computers
Nada’s book ‘We can do IT too’ is published by Speechmark and available from Amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/We-Can-Do-IT- Too/dp/0863888321
There are many projects around the country, for example:
Alive! Activities work with people in care homes and day care See http://www.aliveactivities.org/
iPad engage runs workshops
See http://ipad-engage.blogspot.co.uk 

For further related articles please see The Innovation in Dementia Newsletter from June 2014.

Written by Sarah Smith

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