Friday, 18 July 2014

Fascinating research exploring the possibility of using eye-tracking equipment to assess children with cerebral palsy

Children with CP often rely hugely on their looking skills to learn, communicate and interact with others. Observing these children's eye gaze behaviour can be a useful way to assess their understanding of language, learning and participation in activities.

Understanding these children's gaze behaviour can support clinicians and families to develop shared expectations of a child's behaviour at present whilst developing a tailored intervention to support their skills development and communication. 

Staff from the RAT group have been involved in a project to develop assessment procedures to help better understand childrens’ gaze behvaiour and in evaluating the ability of eye gaze technology to support this assessment.

The assessment procedures are freely available to clinicians and families from the project team. You simply need to notify the Functional Gaze Control team to register your interest in and/or use of these assessment procedures. 

The project website (UCL) details the project and assessment procedures.

This work is being presented at the international conference on Augmentative Communication (AAC) as described in this Barnsley AT Team blog post.

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