Thursday, 19 June 2014

Health Tech Assessment Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) - FREE!

A Health Technology Assessment Massively Open Online course (or "MOOC" as we fondly call them here at the University) will be available to all, for free, from Friday 27th June.

This MOOC will cover:

This MOOC will cover what the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is, what it involves and then more specifically:
- Identifying technologies for development
- Evaluating the technologies in trials a and looking at outcomes e.g. quality of life
- How to determine the effect of these technllogies
- Assessing their cost effectiveness
- Considering how results can be used to inform decision making

It is anticipated that those who decide to take part will require around 20 hours of study spread over 5 weeks (so, around 4 hours per week).

The course dates are:

Week 1     30 June - 6 July
Week 2     7 July - 13 July
Week 3     14 July - 20 July
Week 4     21 July - 27 July
Week 5     28 July - 3 August

To register, or if you require further information please click here where you will also find contact details of course tutors

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