Tuesday, 13 May 2014

RAT Group Representation at Med-e-tel: full abstracts and presentation slides available

Luxexpo, Luxembourg - Conference Venue
Med-e-tel is a leading conference that brings together clinicians, digital health designers, engineers and practitioners from across the world, with a strong representation from Europe and developing nations. Its focus spans all digital health systems addressing topics from global health challenges, policy to technology and associated service development and evaluation.
Two papers were presented from research ongoing in the group. Dr Ruth Bacigalupo presented ''Continuing a Journey towards Implementation of Innovative mHealth in Health Services".The abstract and full presentation can be found online. Her work was supported by CLAHRC-SY and is continuing into CLAHRC-YH.

Dr Peter Cudd presented "Innovation Framework for People with Dementia and Their Carers as Users". The abstract and full presentation can also be found online.His work was supported by the Social Care Institute for Excellence. Both papers stimulated discussion and were well received.

Written by Dr Peter Cudd

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