Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Abigail Pitts and Lewis Germain: Their research experience

As neither of us had much research experience, learning about the importance and clinical relevance of conducting focused and ethical research was completely new to us. We were asked to conduct a literature review on a topic of interest relating to the use of technology in dementia care. We then used our findings to formulate an idea for a research study in that chosen area. 

Over the next six weeks, with the help of our brilliant supervisor, Lauren Powell, we explored the numerous considerations required and the issues surrounding a qualitative study. Areas for consideration included ethics, beneficiaries, analysis of findings and their wider impact. By the end of our attachment, we realised that working in research can be a tough task, with a lot of work required to adhere to the extensive array of guidelines and legislation. However, despite the complex nature of putting together a research proposal, we both thoroughly enjoyed our time at ScHARR. Both of us felt extremely welcomed and look back on the last six weeks as a fantastic learning experience.   

Written by Abigail Pitts and Lewis Germain

Abigail Pitts (left), Lewis Germain (right)

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