Thursday, 13 March 2014

Prof Mountain's Second Visit to Puerto Rico

Gail Mountain recently had the privilege of visiting Puerto Rico for the second time. Gail is a mentor for Elsa Orellano - pictured on the right of the photo.  Elsa is a post-doctoral occupational therapy researcher at the University of Puerto Rico and a graduate of the Master’s Program in Post-Doctoral Research and has been conducting lifestyle research informed by the UK Lifestyle Matters and the US Lifestyle Redesign programmes.   

Also pictured is Dr Estela S. EstapĂ©, MT, PhD, FASAHP, DHL, Director, Clinical and Translational Research Education and Career Development Programs and Dr. Lourdes E. Soto, Director of the conference organizing committee (in yellow).  

During this visit Gail was asked to speak at the 4th Multidisciplinary Conference in Clinical Research & 4th Summit of Translational Research in Health Disparities and participate in working groups to determine future research strategy. The conference theme was: Translational Teams: A Window to New Approaches and Health Improvement to Eliminate Health Disparities. She also attended a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the master’s program in post-doctoral research at the very special Convento Hotel at Old San Juan and spent time with Elsa, assisting her with the identification of priorities for her career in research.  

Dr Soto (left), Dr Estela Estapé, Professor Gail Mountain, Elsa Orellano (right)

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