Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What do intelligent shoes and brain synapses have to do with NHS reforms?

Professor Sue Mawson
Professor Sue Mawson is due to give her inaugural lecture on Wednesday 5th March at 17.15 in Richard Roberts Auditorium, University of Sheffield and will be followed by a wine reception at approximately 18.00. (See map here).

In her lecture, Professor Mawson will describe how our understanding of the brain, its structure and function, has changed significantly over the past 50 years. She will explore how this knowledge enables us to help stroke survivors and other people with damage to the Central Nervous System, not only learn to move again, but also achieve personalised life goals.

However, the lecture will suggest that whilst we as rehabilitation scientists have the knowledge to rehabilitate neurologically impaired patients, the NHS reforms are preventing us delivering the interventions we know to be effective. Professor Mawson will present not only her own research in the field but she will also present some potential solutions to the financial challenges facing the NHS, showing how we might utilize our knowledge about the plasticity of the Central Nervous System, together with new paradigms of self-management. Sue will describe the cutting edge work she leads utilizing exciting new sensor technologies to harness the capacity of the brain to recover.

Finally, the lecture will end where her early work began in the townships of South Africa treating children with cerebral palsy here her scientific knowledge was preceded by her experiential knowledge and success was achieved in an equally challenging political climate requiring innovation and a focus on solutions.

Admission to the lecture is free, but we do need you to register your attendance via this link.

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