Monday, 25 November 2013

Industrial sabbatical funding

We have been successful in securing another Innovation, Impact and Knowledge Exchange (IIKE) funded, Industrial Research Sabbatical this year. Dr Katherine Easton and Professor Sue Mawson will be collaborating with industry partner Roger Young and Longhand Data Limited in the New Year.

Roger and his company Longhand Data have established links with Prof. Mawson. Her research activity over the past 20 years, largely based at Sheffield Hallam, has contributed to the TELERsystem of measurement, the intellectual property of which is now owned by Longhand. Her work in the 90's resulted in the development of a series of TELER stroke indicators which are used internationally and her PhD student programmes have resulted in the development of a series of COPD measures which are being taught and utilised within the Jordanian health care system. Further to this, Longhand are match funding partners in the newly awarded Yorkshire and Humber NIHR CLAHRC, of which Prof Mawson if Director.

This opportunity however, provides a step-up in research collaborations to mobilise knowledge between organisations and extending the tool from her earlier stroke rehabilitation system to other health care areas. The original version of TELER was paper based and the new opportunities provided with the development by Longhand of the electronic remote
monitoring and measurement system is both highly innovative and hugely beneficial to the NHS. These developments have yet to be implemented in many areas of chronic disease management and the knowledge gained will be invaluable to the White Rose CLAHRC and the Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH).

[Written by Dr Katherine Easton]

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