Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Volunteers Needed for 2 (seperate) Short Research Studies

Dear RAT Blog reader,

I am currently interviewing professionals (NHS, academic, industry) for 2 separate research studies:
1) asking people about their experiences and or opinions of telehealth implementation toolkits in general

2) asking questions about their experiences and or opinions of reading OR using the Ready, Steady, Go toolkit available  to download via this link.

I ask questions over the phone - interviews have taken max half an hour each. Inclusion is that you have read/used the RSG or have opinions on telehealth toolkits in general (very wide inclusion criteria!)

I am writing this entry to see if you have anybody in mind - maybe yourself?! 

Any ideas please please do get in touch:

Lauren Powell (Research Assistant) - RAT Group, University of Sheffield

Email: l.a.powell@sheffield.ac.uk

Tel: 0114 222 8275

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