Friday, 18 October 2013

AAATE Conference, Vilamoura, Portagul

Vilamoura Marina, near where conference was held

The AAATE conference was well attended (over 300 delegates). There were significant numbers of papers relating to robotics, alternative and augmentative communication, dementia and accessibility of digital systems including the Global Public Infrastructure Initiative.  Early delegates were treated to a specially convened session "Addressing global challenges in Assistive Technology" with speakers from all continents, developed and developing nations and, Chapal Khasnabis (WHO) and Debra Ruh (G3ICT) as key note speakers. Messages from this meeting and following a letter sent to the UN, the AAATE President elect was invited to speak at UN in New York on this topic.


Conference organiser, Luis Azevedo with key speakers, further details regarding the speakers can be found here.

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