Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New short course on Evaluating Programmes, Technology and Other Complex Interventions

Members of the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology group have set up a short course on “Evaluating Programmes, Technology and Other Complex Interventions (EPTOCI)” which is running for the first time in September.

The course aims to introduce the key principles of evaluation of complex interventions and where and why these methods are useful for research in health and social care settings. The course will give broad perspectives while focusing on programme and technology evaluations as examples. Participants will be introduced to complex situations, complex interventions and innovative evaluation methods.

The course will benefit anyone who has an interest in evaluation, especially those who feel that there is a need to address issues of complexity which have been overlooked in traditional methods of evaluation, such as researchers, health care clinicians and practitioners, evaluators and those who implement technological innovations.

The course will be run by Dr Steven Ariss and Dr Nasrin Nasr. For further details and booking information go to the EPTOCI course website.

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