Wednesday, 1 August 2012

End of an Era -- Marilyn Lidster's Retirement

Marilyn will be retiring at the beginning of August and life for me will not be the same! Gone will be the person who gets me to be at the right place at the right time with the right papers. No mean challenge! And gone will be the person who prompts, completes, and reminds me in a tactful gentle but persistent fashion. Whilst we often bicker like some old married couple I will miss her very much. Her attention to detail, friendship and efficiency have served me and many before me and been key to our productivity.

Marilyn has combined her university post being my PA (and previously the PA to Prof Amanda Howe) with that of being the administrator for the Faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Both the areas of her working life have required high level of initiative, hard work and organisation. She has seen many changes over the 24 years that she has been with the University and has embraced and assisted with these changes. We will miss her cheerfulness, her chatter, her laugh, the click of her high heels and her scurrying along corridors, as well as all of the work and support that she has given to so many.

We wish her well in her retirement.

[written by Pam Enderby]

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