Friday, 5 October 2018

Emego Recognised at Medipex NHS Innovation Awards

The Emego Switch
A ground-breaking assistive technology device has been recognised by the Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase.

The Emego switch, developed by GSPK Design working in partnership with The Assistive Technology Team at Barnsley Hospital, The Centre for Assistive Technology & Connected Healthcare (CATCH) and the NIHR Devices for Dignity Medtech Co-operative (D4D MIC), was one of the finalists at this year’s award.

Innovative NHS staff and their collaborators from the region’s universities, charities and SMEs gathered at Oulton Hall near Leeds on 4th October 2018 for a networking event and awards ceremony. The awards provide a platform to showcase pioneering new ideas and technologies developed by, or with, NHS staff to improve patient care and make services more efficient.

The Emego is a small, battery powered, user worn device that uses novel sensor technology to detect muscle activity. For those who have severe disabilities this provides a control method for communication aids, computers and environmental control.

By accurately detecting even the smallest signal from a user’s muscle movements using electromyography technology, the user is able to interact with their environment. Attaching the small and light body-worn patient unit to any muscle enables the user to control accessibility software simply by twitching their working muscle group. The Emego provides independence and participation that would otherwise be lost to these individuals.

Intended for people with severe neurological disorders such as those who have motor neurone disease (MND) or acute brain injuries.

The Emego came runner-up in the medical devices and diagnostics category. The cutting edge technology launched earlier this year and is available at

Read more about CATCH’s collaboration here.

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