Thursday, 18 May 2017

Help to raise awareness for dementia

On Friday 19th May, drop into the CATCH Home Lab in the Innovation Centre, Sheffield (S1 4DP) for a cup of tea and some cake to create more awareness for dementia and raise money to support those trying to find a cure and support the care of people with the condition.

The event, hosted jointly with the Alzheimer’s Society is open to colleagues, students and the public to attend.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield as well as members from the Alzheimer’s Society will showcase dementia research, such as the InLife project that is working on an all-around ICT solution addressing diverse daily activities such as eating, physical activity, commuting, mental stimulation, communication and social interaction. In addition to this, a platform called AcTo Dementia, a project giving recommendations and guidance on accessible touchscreen apps for people living with dementia, will be demonstrated. The Alzheimer's Society will be at the event to answer all kinds of questions around dementia and give advice.

To donate cake for the sale please contact: Laura Murray.

For more information please contact: Dr Sarah Smith or Anneliese Fraser.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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