Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Digital Technology for Mental Health: We need your SUPER help!

#DigitalMHQ: CATCH is working with MindTech on a collaborative project which seeks to discover the top 10 research priorities for digital technology for mental health. We invite you to take part, we need your SUPER help!

Why is this project important?

We know that a lot of mental health care support is offered online. People can use the internet to search for information, download apps, talk on peer networks and play games to improve their mental health. Also ‘cutting edge’ innovations such as virtual reality, avatars and robots are becoming available.

But we need to do more research to understand better the impacts of these new technologies. We need to identify how to use them in the best way. We want to understand what the most important research questions are in this area.

To make sure the questions are based on everyday experience, we want to hear from people who are living with mental health problems and health and social professionals. You don’t need to be an expert in technology to take part, we need to understand what everyone thinks about this issue.

By working with the James Lind Alliance, we are using their established methodology. We will then widely publicise the top 10 questions so that researchers and research funders will see which areas of research deserve priority attention. Find out more at mindtech.org.uk/digitalMHQ

Please watch this 3-minute video as an introduction to the survey.

Go to www.mindtech.org.uk/digitalMHQ to access the survey.

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