Tuesday, 30 May 2017

"Care and Ageing": 2nd annual CIRCLE international seminar

2nd Annual CIRCLE International Seminar

Caring & Ageing: international perspectives on family and workplace challenges

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At this year’s annual seminar we are delighted to host leading international speakers Professor Norah Keating and Professor Kate O’Loughlin. This year our seminar also celebrates our collaboration, with international partners, on Sustainable Care: connecting people and systems, funded by the Worldwide Universities Network, and publication of the inaugural volume of the International Journal of Care and Caring,new from the Policy Press in 2017, and based at the University of Sheffield. Our programme for the afternoon features two guest lectures, opportunities for Q&A / discussion, and a brief introduction to the journal and its distinctive features.


12:45 Coffee available

13:00 Welcome & Introduction to the seminar and guest speakers, Professor Alan Walker

13:15 The social consequences of family care to adults,Professor Norah Keating

The power of social connections is a contemporary focus of research across world regions. Yet evidence of challenges to carers' social relationships remains fragmented and under-explored. Based on a recent review of published articles, undertaken with Jacquie Eales, Professor Keating will outline the current state of knowledge of the social consequences of caring. Her talk will focus on research findings which evidence the consequences for caregivers’ relationships with care receivers, family members and broader social networks. Highlighting gaps in knowledge, which include changes in caring relationships over time and understanding of diversity in the social consequences of caring, her talk will conclude by challenging widespread assumptions about caregiving families, and raise issues about the sustainability of family care.

13:45 Ageing, workplace discrimination and implications for carers, Professor Kate O’Loughlin

The existence and perpetuation of age-based stereotypes result in ageist attitudes and behaviour such as age discrimination in many areas of social and economic life. Drawing on her recent research with colleagues in Australia, A/Prof O’Loughlin considers the impact of age discrimination in the workplace and how this can be reconciled with government responses to population ageing, such as increasing the pension eligibility age, flexible work arrangements to support family caregivers, and committing resources to fund strategies enabling continued workforce participation for those in mid to later life. In the words of Australia’s Age Discrimination Commissioner, there seems to be a ‘serious disjunction’ between policy and practice. What further policy actions can be taken to address persistent and systemic ageist attitudes and discriminatory behaviours generally, and specifically in the workplace?

14:15 Questions to speakers with discussion, Professor Alan Walker

14:45 Introduction to the International Journal of Care and Caring, Professor Sue Yeandle

15:00 Close of Seminar followed by networking and light refreshments until 15:30

We hope you are able to attend.

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Department of Sociological Studies
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