Thursday, 20 April 2017

Seminar: The ‘Perfect Patient Pathway’: an update from the Sheffield City Region health-technology Test Bed

This week Dr Steve Ariss, evaluation lead for The Perfect Patient Pathway gave a seminar on the progress of the regional Test Bed as part of the ScHARR Seminar Series.

The seminar introduced the original ambition of the Test Bed from national and regional perspectives and how this has translated into the current situation. Now half-way through the two-year programme; an update was provided on the five technology-focused projects, which include: insulin monitoring, recording use of asthma medication, assessing falls risk, facilitating emergency contacts, and preventing emergency admissions for care home residents.

The general approach and specific details of evaluating these projects and the programme as a whole was described, in addition to describing some pilot work that has been undertaken. The evaluation team have had the opportunity to further develop principles and tools for conducting a programme of complex rapid evaluations in a fast-moving and often unpredictable environment. The next year will be critical to focus on putting evaluation plans into practice, to provide evidence that will be useful to inform the rapid procurement, implementation and evaluation of innovations in the NHS.

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