Monday, 19 December 2016

Graphic design students from Coventry use their talents to support new parents

All babies born in England are offered screening for nine rare disorders, which when identified early, can have a good long term outcome. Of course when the test proves positive, getting a call from the midwife or doctor about your new baby who is only a few days old can be very harrowing. Work within the Assistive and Healthcare technologies theme is trying to evaluate new ways of supporting young parents and the wider family by use of an App designed to help parents navigate their way through this stressful period.     Third year graphic design students from Coventry University have volunteered to use their talents to explore innovative ways of presenting this complex information in an attractive and understandable form that can be understood even when half asleep with a new baby!

The plan is to complete this work by Christmas and evaluate it with parents early in the New Year.

Written by Prof J R Bonham

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