Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Urban Slums Project team’s visit to India

As part of our international project “a mobile diagnostic and screening toolkit for urban slums settings”, a workshop was conducted on the 18th-19th of October 2016 in Bangalore, India. This workshop marked the end of phase 1 of the project which aimed at identifying common health issues in urban slums in India. The aim of the workshop was to consolidate and discuss the findings of phase 1 and seek further inputs from project partners and other major stakeholders. It involved group discussions and activities to prioritise the health issues identified during phase 1. Researchers from the project team also visited one of the urban slums in Bangalore and conducted community consultations to gain more insight into the perspectives of slum dwellers.
The results of phase 1 and the workshop will be used to plan the next phase of the project which will involve designing and developing a conceptual model of a mobile toolkit to perform a number of diagnostic and screening tests relevant to the priority health issues in urban slums. Phase 2 will also involve conducting a workshop in January 2017 in India to discuss the conceptual model with the relevant stakeholders.

Written by Sarah Abdi

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