Thursday, 24 November 2016

Owlet grabs $15M to advance infant breathing monitor and app

Owlet Baby Care just boosted its total capital raised to $25 million, thanks to a new $15 million in venture financing and an NIH grant. The new infusion will drive the international distribution efforts of its baby monitor that alerts parents via smartphone app if their baby stops breathing.

The Owlet baby monitor comprises a sensor-embedded smart sock, a base station and a smartphone app. The smart sock monitors the infant’s heart rate and oxygen levels using pulse oximetry and communicates this data to the base station via bluetooth. If the child’s heart rate is too low or too high, or if his or her oxygen level falls below a preset threshold, the base station and smartphone app will sound an alert. In 2017, the company expects to launch a feature allowing users more access to these data as well as the ability to share it with pediatricians, according to a statement.

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