Wednesday, 16 November 2016

AcTo Dementia at the UK Dementia Congress 2016

Researchers Phil Joddrell and Professor Arlene Astell from CATCH attended the UK Dementia Congress in Brighton last week. Phil presented his PhD project, AcTo Dementia, in a session on technology and the arts in dementia care, whilst Arlene discussed this project, as well as other work from her career, in the plenary Tom Kitwood Memorial Address, titled ‘Innovating in long-term care: the triumphs and challenges of trying to change practice’. Arlene also contributed as a panel member for the opening debate, ‘Should we welcome a future of robots, avatars and digital technology in dementia care?’, and presented a workshop on Adaptive Interaction.

This was the 11th UK Dementia Congress which is an annual event organised by the Journal of Dementia Care, and incorporates the National Dementia Care Awards supported by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Written by Phil Joddreell

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