Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Use of Technology for Health Care Provision by Care Homes for Older Adults: Survey Results

On the 12/02/16 849 surveys were sent out to all care home managers across Yorkshire and the Humber as part of a PhD project. The survey aimed to help me obtain a better understand of how technology is being used in care homes, what it was being used for and to provide a better understanding of the care home contexts in which staff are working. 

Of those that replied only 12 homes reported using videoconferencing as a method of health compared to 106 homes that were not using it and approximately 2/3 (64%) of respondents had heard of videoconferencing being used as a method of health care provision. Most respondents had heard of videoconferencing being used for advice (46%), this was followed by assessing (42%) and being used as a triage/ gateway to other services (34%).
Respondents were also asked to tick which statement best described how they felt about implementing videoconferencing in the care homes they work in. Here  44% of respondents reported that they would consider it, but would need to know more, followed by 18 % saying they are not sure it would be worthwhile as they already have a system that works well, another 13% said they think it would be unnecessary and 12% saying they would sign up for it today if they could.

Of those that were using it, all rated the system overall as being good (45%) or very good (55%). With 73% of homes reporting using it less than once a week, 18% less than 3 days a week and 9% using it once a year.

Overall, respondents rating the system as having the biggest impact on staff confidence.

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Louise Newbould (PhD Student): LKNewbould1@sheffield.ac.uk

Written by Louise Newbould

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