Thursday, 22 September 2016

Nestlé buys device co. to treat the inability to swallow

Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) announced a milestone-based acquisition of Phagenesis, a medical device company working on a treatment for dysphagia.
Dysphagia is the inability to swallow safely, and about 29% to 55% of stroke patients experience this condition. It can also be a result of many other diseases.
In this new agreement, NHSc will make an upfront payment to acquire Phagenesis, and will follow with milestone-based funding throughout the clinical evaluation of Phagenyx. Phagenyx is a medical device aimed at treating the cause of dysphagia, rather than only the symptoms. The device helps to restore the neurological control of swallowing.
Phagenyx uses a base station and catheter to deliver stimulation to the pharynx. Treatment occurs for 10 minutes a day over three days. Stimulation levels are personalized and can be controlled via the base station.

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