Tuesday, 9 August 2016

TechnoTherapies re-invigorated with interest group kick-off session

On Wednesday 13th July the TechnoTherapies interest group (previously known as the Technology for Psychological Health and Wellbeing group) was reinvigorated with a two hour event in our very own Home Lab.

This group aims to consolidate work within the University and develop new collaborations across the UK exploring the application of technology to support psychological health and wellbeing. Anyone with an interest in the topic was welcome to join the event and we were delighted to see professionals as well as academics and PhD students from across the University come to discuss and debate existing projects in this area.
The initiative is led by three CATCH researchers: Kat Easton, Translational Research Scientist; Claire Bentley, Health Services Researcher; and Jake Andrews, PhD student in CATCH. Kat told us more about why this group is so important: “The use of technology is widespread now across all age groups. Technology has the potential to increase the availability of health services and access to information, providing services out of hours and giving people control over their own health. However, we have lots to learn still about the impact of using technology in this way. Technology is changing all the time, so we need to ensure we appropriately evaluate the quality of any services offered to patients”.
A video has also been developed exploring the potential for technology to support mental health which can be viewed here.

The next TechnoTherapies interest group will take place on Thursday 22nd September at 10am. To register or for more information about TechnoTherapies, please get in touch with Laura Murray.

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