Monday, 22 August 2016

New Apple Watch OS debuts emergency call, medical ID functions

When Apple started working on a smartwatch, it envisioned a device that could monitor blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels, but those functions turned out to be too complex. Now, as the company launches the third iteration of its smartwatch operating system, it's still looking at medical applications, but ones that don't land the device under unwanted regulator oversight.

The new SOS function allows the user to make a call to emergency services by holding down the side button, Lynch said in the presentation. The call will be made through the user's connected iPhone or directly through the watch if it's connected to wi-fi. Whichever country the user might be in, the watch will know the appropriate number to call. Once the call is complete, the watch will then send a message to the user's emergency contacts along with a map of his or her location.

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