Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Claire and Paul share Insights into telehealth and care technologies at Galway Conference

Claire Craig presented some of the findings from InTaCT at the 1st international conference of COTEC and ENOTHE in Galway, Ireland. She spoke particularly of the most recent element of the research undertaken by Paul and Claire which has focused on health inequalities. The presentation was well received by delegates with invitations to present the work in Germany and the Netherlands.

Claire followed this by co-facilitating a workshop seeking to establish an International Think Tank around Social Inclusion. The Think-Tank envisioned by Sarah Kantartzis, Hanneke Van Brugen and Nick Pollard saw over 70 delegates from 15 countries come together to discuss ways of reducing health inequalities. Claire and Paul have both contributed to a book entitled Occupation based approaches for social inclusion which describes some of the methods of engagement used in research undertaken in their theme of InTaCT. This will be published in 2017 by Whiting and Birch.

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