Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Independent Living support Functions for the Elderly (IN-LIFE)

Independent Living support Functions for the Elderly (IN-LIFE) is a 3 year multidisciplinary European project that is funded by Horizon 2020. The aim of IN-LIFE is to prolong and support independent living for people with cognitive impairment through personalised Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services. Six European sites are involved; Greece, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, Sheffield is the only UK site.

In March I travelled to Brussels to represent the University of Sheffield site in the first annual review of the IN-LIFE project to the European Commission. The review board required justification from the IN-LIFE consortium regarding the project progress at this crucial 12 month milestone.

Ultimately the review board were impressed and the European Commission provided positive feedback as IN-LIFE enters its second year. If you would like more information regarding IN-LIFE please see the links below or contact:

Dr Sarah Kate Smith:

Written by Dr Sarah Kate Smith

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