Friday, 11 March 2016

Verily aims to build 'Google of human systems biology' in latest med tech push

Verily is charting a rapid-fire pace in med tech, inking deals this past year and working with researchers to expand its reach in the industry. Next up on the company's agenda? Building a Google-like search engine for medical research.

Verily CEO Andrew Conrad will work with a group of academic hospitals, doctors, universities and patient advocates to build the "Google of human systems biology," Conrad said at the recent Future of Genomic Medicine conference in San Diego, as quoted by Fast Company. The way Conrad sees it, "most of the information that scientists use isn't easily available" and it "sits around in difficult-to-crack domains."

The company would try to reverse this trend by building a library that uses machine-learning technology to facilitate research. The system "doesn't work as wonderfully as a human" but "it can answer questions," Conrad said. 

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