Thursday, 31 March 2016

Smart Earplugs Help You Sleep

The importance of getting a good night’s sleep for human health and happiness is stressed by both academia and the popular press. For some of us, however, sleep can be elusive. Noise — both familiar and unfamiliar — is a common sleep-robbing culprit.

In March of this year Hush Smart Earplugs will start shipping for $150 for a set of two earplugs with extra tips, a charging case, and a USB charging cable.

The earplugs include sound eliminating foam, noise masking circuitry, and low power wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You can pre-set alarms with the smart phone app and play preset soothing soundtracks. You cannot use the Hush Smart Earplugs to listen to music or audio books. While the earplugs block sound indiscriminately up to 70 decibels, alarms such as fire and burglar alarms are typically louder than 70 decibels so you should hear them, according to Hush. One advantage of this design is that when its alarm clock goes off, only you hear it and others in the room will not be disturbed.

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